Filing a Grievance against your Union

As a union member, the lack of support from our union leaders has been disappointing to say the least. We have begun the process of filing grievances, then the Duty to Fairly Represent, then to the lawyers to head to court to stop the mandatory vaccine requirement for your job. Find the list of Liabilities in Medias and directions below. Remember to support this page to continue the work being done. Link on the bottom of the home page.

Please see the Action4Canada Grievance and Notice Of Liability to be served in Person and video recorded or sent by registered mail. Please do not send them by email as a read receipt is NOT proof of service.


If you have filed your Grievance and it was rejected please consider sending your individual DFR! All individual DFRs can be withdrawn if we can decide to do a group DFR We need to let SGEU we ain’t bluffing and fighting back! Filing DFR Individually Can always be withdrawn if we decide to go into a group DFR 1. DFR are to be done individually. 2. The DFR form is called a Form 10 (Employee union dispute) 3. The form must be signed by a notary 4. The submitting can be done by mail, Fax or email. ( ( not sure if this is the email for all!) After submitting the DFR, the union and employer have 10 days to reply. The above link is where you can find the information and steps of the DFR.

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