Leave our kids alone!

How to stand together and serve your local school and school boards with the Action4 Canada notice of Liabilities. Whether is masking mandates, pop up jab clinics or supporting freedom of choice. Help is here!

We have said it for almost 2 years. They are coming after our kids! It is incredibly important to serve your principle and Childs teacher(s) these Notice of Liabilities and advise them that this names them individually as a defendant in a criminal law suit. That the school boards and government will not cover them or be able to protect them. It is not good enough to claim that they "are following SHA's orders" or doing what the school board told them too. At the end of this they need to stand up and say no because they are being held liable for enforcing these illegal mandates.

Please sign ONLY one name per Liability and do not use any title or board name. Only the persons individual name and video record you serving them. You can also send by registered mail. Do NOT send by email as the courts will not accept a read receipt as proof of service.

School Notice of Liabilities (Action4Canada.com)

Download PDF • 40KB

Download PDF • 36KB

Download PDF • 70KB

Download PDF • 184KB

Download PDF • 410KB

Download PDF • 410KB

Download PDF • 408KB

Download PDF • 413KB

Download PDF • 204KB

Please the following for unmasking our kids in schools

1. Letter to Teacher from Parent
Download PDF • 50KB

3. Canadian Freedom Groups
Download PDF • 38KB

4. Negative Side Effects of Masking Children
Download PDF • 112KB

5. Chris Schaefer Mask Brochure
Download PDF • 1.11MB

Download PDF • 53KB


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