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As many are waking up, there are questions in regards to the Bills that are being tabled. Specifically Bill C-223 - On December 16, 2021 Member of Parliament Leah Gazan introduced Bill C-223, which if passed, would establish the first national framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income for all persons over 17 across Canada. The same text was introduced as Senate Bill S-233 by Senator Kim Pate — a coordinated effort from within the House of Commons and the Senate for Basic Income and a first for our movement. Please the PDF list of senators to email and contact and demand they vote NO on this Bill.

The ramifications of this bill moving forward . have been hidden in their agenda. Control of your health, finances, access to health care, drivers licenses and right down to buying food. If you are comparing to the Chinese Social Credit score system that has been in place for years, you are forced to comply with what they deem appropriate or what they feel you are entitled too. If you move outside of your allotted or approved purchases, you could be fined and have your credit score lowered. There is more to these bills being passed then the MSM and government would have you believe or know. This is not the time for cognitive desinence. Please take the time to write to each senator and encourage them to say no to S-223

Senate Contact List
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